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Body on Me (Remix) feat. Hollywood Brando

I made the original record to this where it had two verses of mine along with that singing hook on it. The people immediately loved the verses but simultaneously either loved or hated my vocals on the singing part. I liked it but I knew I'm not the best singer that I know so I contacted my very talented friend Hollywood Brando who immediately agreed to sing my hook for me and he even threw in his own verse (which is the second verse on the song). After taking a poll I have decided to use this Remix version as the second release to the i1 tape and exclude my original version of the song.


This beat was given to me by an amazing producer called Astral Blitz. When I heard it I got the feeling of a Weeknd type of song which I enjoyed writing to. The feeling behind this song was that everyone is looking for happiness and unfortunately a lot of people don't ever truly get that happiness. My hope was to speak it into the air that I want all the happiness to come my way.

Fornicating feat. Pokko

This record was produced by the super producer Deyjan Beats. He was inspired by Pop Smoke when he made this beat and I'm from New York, not Brooklyn but Queens so I did put my own style on it. The hook was very melodious and catchy from the start. My friend Pokko (who is part of the IV crew which Hollywood Brando is also a part of) had something written to it very quickly. He told me that he wanted to record to it so I sent him the file and the rest is history.

No Time feat. BxYungGz

My engineer Kin (of GOODWTHR) wrote me and told me that he had a beat made by Pro (also of GOODWTHR) and I would fit on the record. So I recorded something and sent it back to my engineer. They circled the rough draft around and BxYungGz wrote a crazy verse to this and joined me on the record. This record is still being put on many playlists and is doing well on every streaming platform, so I'd like to thank all of you for that major form of support.


I recorded this record a while back and I planned to release it either right after "Happiness" or "Fornicating." A lot of events happened, especially the loss of my maternal Grandmother so I was not really focused on releasing anything or maintaining a heavy social presence which requires a lot of work and time. After I have tried to straighten everything out, now I am able to release the remaining records in a timely fashion so that by the 25th of February everything is ready. With Plunge getting over 1k streams in less than 5 days (without any video to enforce it), I am very confident in releasing more content and possibly a video to this single.

GTFOO feat. BxYungGz

This is somewhat of a second installation between me and BxYungGz. We had a record called Bronx from a few years back but if you play that record next to "No Time" and "GTFOO," it is like a night and day comparison. I encourage everyone to give this a stream as well. Share it to your friends and make sure to put it onto your Spotify playlists.


  1. Where to Go

  2. Body on Me (Remix) feat. Hollywood Brando

  3. Happiness

  4. Fornicating feat. Pokko

  5. No Time feat. BxYungGz

  6. Plunge

  7. GTFOO feat. BxYungGz

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