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MAJOR UPDATE! Self Savior $$'s i1 tape is on schedule to be completed by February 25, 2021

Since I have last written here, I have released a few records from the i1 tape. My reasoning behind this is because though-out the year 2020, I preferred to remain consistent in everyone's news feed by continuously posting new material rather than stacking the records for a large release. My team calls this the "gradual release" strategy.

By the time it is Nityananda Trayodasi (February, 25th 2021), the full i1 album will have all of it's installments released on all streaming platforms.

I'm sorry that I have not updated this site as often as I should have and I plan on doing that much more now. In my next post I will give the links to the said released records and also a track list for the i1 album (so far) will be stated.

Thank you so much to all of you for remaining engaged in my activities.

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