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$$ releases joint record with Beat Bank Productions "Bad Ting" and his new single "Ball Your Fist."

Bad Ting was a beat made by Sho of Shokass from Beatbank Productions. He already laid the hook in place and I got in where I fit in. Both of my parents are born in Jamaica, West Indies so I felt right at home with this type of style. It was a ton of fun to create and the UK seems to be taking to it the most out of all places.

This Ball Your Fist record is produced by Deyjan Beats. If you know of my records from my last year album "Tat Srenu," you would know that I love Deyjan beats. It's like a readymade banger and all you have to do is just say something substantial on it to make it buzz. I loved writing and recording this and am very proud of the outcome. We're on schedule for 2/25/21!

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