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The final two installments to the i1 tape are in and the full tape is now available!

Today is February 25th, 2021. It is a very special day to me in many ways. On top of that list is the fact that today is the holiest day in the year (Nityananda Trayodasi - The Appearance Day of my Lord and Master Sri Nityananda Ram).

Every year I post my album on this specific day. It falls on different days yearly as we follow a Lunar calendar as opposed to a Solar calendar. For the past 4 years now I have been keeping up this tradition of putting out an album and simultaneously trying to do some kind of audiobook or small offering for my Lord's happiness.

My discography now looks like this:

Trick Dem

Bollywood Play


Tat Srenu


This was literally a life changing year for the world so I really appreciate the fact that I have some of your ears. I hope I will have many more pairs soon. Thank you so much for your constant support and I promise to keep giving you my own personal favorite music.

Joy Nitai!

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